Showing tomorrow at Syracuse Fashion Weekend

Tomorrow I have an exhibition opening at Syracuse Fashion Weekend in Syracuse, NY.  Sadly I can’t make the trip but I’m still really pleased to have the opportunity to exhibit at the show. It is not uncommon for high-end catwalk shows to be accompanied by luxury service providers and selected artisans. I am really honoured that my artwork is seen as good enough to be included for the bespoke luxury market such as this.

Showing will be my New York Collection. Most of this has been seen in these blog pages throughout this year but if you’ve missed it then you can click here to see the artworks. Of course there’s no substitute for seeing the real thing, so if you happen to be in upstate New York tomorrow then please visit. Syracuse Fashion Weekend is presented in conjunction with Syracuse Film Festival so there is a lot going on in town this weekend.  Artists selected are all experts in our chosen discipline and consist of myself, Celine Pellerin, Daniel Tejada, and Esperanza Tielbaard. Amongst the fashion designers will be ELMADAWY, and Davanna Booker so this really will be a prestigious occasion.

It’s a one day event and tickets are limited. I can’t wait to see pictures of the venue and see how the event goes. This weekend in Syracuse is going to be something quite special.

'Crystal' 4" x 4" paper collage. Showing tomorrow at Syracuse Fashion Weekend

‘Crystal’ 4″ x 4″ paper collage. Showing tomorrow at Syracuse Fashion Weekend



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