White Creep

I’m making progress. Honest I am. It’s just that the amount of white is really quite immense in H. This 9″ by 7″ section is now almost complete and I reckon by the end of the week I can start getting into the most interesting part of the picture. There’s not a lot of skill or accuracy going on at the moment, well not by my standards, but that is about to change. So far the difficulty has been with the fleshy area towards the top left of this image and also at the boundaries between the white and the flesh but these are not too hard in the great scheme of things.

I also need the white stuff to creep just a few more inches to the left and then… oh yeah, I forgot about that white near the top, oh and the… I might be here a while. Bear with me. There’s a whole lot of white going down this week.


‘H’ [work in progress]


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