I’m moving across H now as fast as I can to get this section of the collage complete. The big idea though is still to destroy this collage and rework it again before mounting and displaying it.

The constant feeling that I need to destroy and rebuild over and over is something that echoes across my work. This destruction is usually aimed at a beautiful picture that I have created; my photograph, my right to annihilate the image. By aiming all destructive tendencies at paper, and keeping these energies firmly fixed within the studio environment, I find that I am a calmer and more balanced person outside of the studio. The cycle is always the same: create the photograph, destroy the photograph, rebuild the image in a way of my choosing, repeat.

Over the years I’ve hidden this tendency as many things: particle physics, entomology, literature etc. The philosophical arty bollocks I can come up with to justify my own create/destroy/rebuild cycle is always poetic and reasoned, and the theory is always sound. But in the end it all boils down to my need to cut things up and rework their entire existence.

I bear no malice towards the photograph or the subject within it. Similarly I have little desire to apply this destructive tendency to any situation outside of the studio. Although sometimes…


Llet’s just say psychologists would have a field day with me. Maybe it’s safer for everyone if I just stay in the studio for a while longer…



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