The Prototype

Yesterday I mentioned how I was creating extra depth to H through gaining extra layers of tiny pieces. Eventually the more shallow areas of the collage will become almost nothing as pieces are stripped away. The idea is still to destroy H after completion. The destruction will not be total but instead there will be a ‘skin’ that will remain. Through stripping away the solidity of the collage I’ll be exposing the soul of H. She will be light, delicate, and angelic, almost ethereal; at least that’s the intention.  If I mess up during the next few weeks there is every possibility that my angel will become a terrifying messenger of destruction.

I already created a 5″ x 7″ prototype last month which is now my reference for my chosen method of destruction. I’ve mounted this between two 10mm pieces of Perspex for now which enhances ideas I have on fragility and corporeality.

The plans I have for are already making this the most ambitious collage I have ever undertaken. There are so many places where this can go wrong in both the construction and destruction phases but I have total belief that I will get the results that I want. The vision I have for H is so terrifyingly accurate in my head that I really don’t see that I can possibly fail.


The Prototype. 5″ x 7″ collage. Free-floating pieces of paper between two pieces of Perspex.


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