Creative Collaborations

I’ve never been one to think inside the box. In fact I often feel that I’m thinking so far out of the box that I’ve forgotten what the box should look like. To me, creating is creating regardless of the medium and I don’t really care as long as something is being used as an artistic means of expression. Similarly I have no respect for the boundaries of convention when it comes to people working together for a greater artistic purpose.

This way of thinking has been noticed by lots of other people and often leads to strange collaborations. It also means I end up facilitating all sorts of interesting projects on behalf of other creatives. I’ve always been good at seeing an overall picture before even having to think about joining the dots which means I’m particularly good at logistics, promotions, and also matching up different creative people with complementary skills.

Recently I’ve been matchmaking between a wonderful advertising student and a local rock band. This logo is all the hard work of Amy Stead in collaboration with goldbringer and there is nothing about this image that I can take any credit for. It tickles my brain though to know that a lovely handful of people have mutually benefitted from each other’s creativity thanks to my meddling.


Design by Amy Stead in collaboration with goldbringer


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