Too Many Pieces

I’m really struggling now with H. I’ve reached a point of no return and I’m starting to get intimidated by the task. I usually mask of smaller areas of the work so that I can concentrate without distraction. This also stops my eyes struggling for focus in a sea of tiny pieces and helps me prevent any eye strain and headaches.

This technique usually works but now I’ve reached the complicated part of the image I’m finding I’m having to work with more of a painterly approach. Parts of this collage only work from a far distance so I’m constantly having to removing the masking paper and step back to analyse what I’m doing before the glue sets. This is tedious and physically tiring. It’s also mentally crippling. Each time I step back and look at the wider whole there are just too many pieces for me to comprehend. I’m starting to doubt myself far too much and my eyes are tiring quicker than ever.

I believe in H so much that there is no way I am going to back down. If I take more regular breaks to rest my eyes then the mental challenge will be more pained and drawn out. My only alternative is to take painkillers and crack on with this as quickly as possible.

Pass the bottle, I’m going back in.



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