Navel Gazing

I’ve been spending the morning looking for my belly button. This isn’t the typical navel gazing you’d expect from an artist. You see, I took a photograph in 2011 (I think) of my belly. Somebody then asked to use the image for a CD cover and I know I kept a copy of the photograph because I rediscovered it in January 2013 and made Always Believing. This little 4″ x 6″ collage definitely used the photograph so it must be in my archives somewhere.

So for two years I definitely had the photograph so where is it now? I’ve scoured hard drives and CDs and online picture banks and I can’t find where I’ve put it. I could ask the guy who was intending to use it for his CD if he has a copy but this just seems silly  because it really isn’t that important at all. I don’t need the photograph for anything and I can always take another photograph of my belly button any time I want. But of course this just makes the stupidity of the situation more frustrating. Where did the photograph go to after January 2013? How can I have been so efficient at keeping the photograph for so long only to lose it again?

Have I really lost my belly button?


‘Always Believing’ 4″ x 6″ paper collage


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