Unnamed and Incomplete

H is starting to shape up nicely now. This 48cm x 48xm collage is assembled wholly from paper pieces no more than 2mm x 2mm in size. It’s laborious but wholly rewarding and the finer details are now starting to become apparent.

I’ll be pushing on with this during the remainder of the week to the point where I feel I can reveal the reasoning behind this artwork. As I approach completion I’m also approaching the day of destruction. The intention is that H will be disassembled and the fragments mounted and displayed as an artwork in their own right. It is only at this point will I reveal a full and proper title for H. Until then she will remain as she is, unnamed and incomplete.

After destruction only the photographic records here will serve her memory. She will live on, after death, damaged and beautiful in her new incarnation.


‘H’ paper collage [work in progress]


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