Only Forward

I’ve had this black and white photograph on my desk for a while now. I took it in 2009 and have been meaning to recreate the image at exactly the same location in exactly the same way and see what has changed.

I decided on my trek up to the top of the hill that this was a stupid and redundant idea. Not only has the landscape changed but I am a completely different person now. To recreate the image exactly would be a failure to acknowledge these changes within me and this may come across that I am seeking to go back to the person I was back then. This is not the case.

The 2014 version of me still has some of the same characteristics so the decision was made then to keep some similarities. However I have decided to use techniques and ideas that are relevant to me now rather than those I used in 2009. This recreation is therefore an acknowledgement of who I am now and how my past has shaped me.

The past cannot be changed. I can only use the past to inform the current me into shaping a new future for myself. This is why I am always pushing forward: not because I am running away, but rather I am reconciling my past to build a strong and happy future.



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