Fear of the Dark?

I’m not scared of the dark but then I’m not scared of many things. To me it is like a giant comfort blanket. I love being out on my own in the black driving rain, wrapped up in my woollies and my waterproofs and seeing how the unnatural light plays against things in a different way.

When I tell people this you’d be surprised how many people freak out. Apparently I should be scared about being attacked or something. Yes I am cautious about my safety whilst I am out on my own in the dark but I exercise the same caution whilst out in the daylight. I’m probably more likely to be a victim in a well lit street outside a pub than I am next to a river dressed up like the Michelin man. I’m not going to let anything like that intimidate me.

If I want to go out on my own at night then why shouldn’t I? I love the feeling of being wrapped up in the darkness. Here the rain dances through the blue lights on the footbridge to the sounds of the rigging on the boats and I am the soul audience to this beautiful symphony. I pity those people who fear to experience this beautiful dark world.



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