H Complete

The first stage of making is complete and H is ready for destruction and rebirth as a new artwork. I’m hesitating at this stage because I know that after destruction she will be at her most vulnerable and fragile. I’m going to wait until some Perspex sheets I have ordered arrive so that I can get her reborn into her new protected state as quickly as possible. Only then will she emerge into her new true form.

I wish for her to remain as perfect as possible but I know that some damage will occur. We all are damaged. We either choose to wear our scars with pride or we mask them and hide them deep beneath to play the part we wish others to see. My H will be damaged but beautiful, fragile and wilful against her destructor.

“So must we learn in world made as this one

Man can never attain his greatest desire,

[But must pray for what good fortune Fate holdeth,

Never unmindful.]”                                                        – Sappho


H 16″ x 16″ or thereabouts…


2 thoughts on “H Complete

  1. I can only say, as a father, do not to distruct ‘H’; but it is up to you as the artist! The protrait of ‘H’ is spot on! lots of love Dad xx

  2. Don’t worry. H is completely aware of what I am about to do to her and approves completely. She’ll be even more beautiful once I’m done with her 🙂 🙂 x

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