Live fast, die old

I try to kid myself that I am a patient person but really I’m not. My philosophy is to live fast and die old, make every day count, and make as many people smile as I can. When I have ideas which I know are good I want to act on them quickly just in case II don’t get a second chance.

So this week I’m waiting for some thick sheets of clear acrylic to arrive from a specialist in Walsall. These will form the casing for the art I am about to make with the fragments of H. I know that they should arrive tomorrow or Friday but I’m already nervous about whether I’ve ordered exactly the right thing and it will be fit for the purpose I have intended for it. It’s a crucial moment because this has the potential to be a very expensive mistake.

I am tempted to start the destruction of H now but I know I must wait so that she does not find herself out in the open and unprotected in her transitory state. I’ve lifted a little corner but I must not go any further than this. My impatience has the potential to destroy more than just H if I don’t step away right now!


The start of the destruction of ‘H’


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