Any time in the next 8 hours I could be starting the destruction phase of H. Or tomorrow if the courier messes up. The time frame is indeterminate without having a tracking number. I cannot leave the house because that is certain to induce the delivery and my impatience would be compounded by the frustration of having missed my delivery. Once these thick pieces of bespoke acrylic arrive I can start. I just have to be patient.

Usually in situations such as these I would do a million other things to take my mind away from the studio. I’ll watch a film, promote a rock band, heck I’ll even try housework if it stops me from pacing the room in anticipation.

Or I could just lift another corner and think about the behaviour of H when her final moments come. I’ll examine where I think the fracture lines will start to appear and look for any remedial work that I think needs to be done in order to create different behaviours in the paper. No! No! Must resist! *** STEP AWAY FROM THE COLLAGE ***


‘H’ on the edge of destruction


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