The Destruction of ‘H’

I think that the word ‘destruction’ frightens people. They see it as a negative thing. They seem to think that in destroying something there is some sort of hate or malice involved and that I am anxious to remove something with bad intentions. To me destruction is not a horrible thing. Every year in the Autumn nature destroys itself in order to prepare the necessary materials for growth in the Spring and yet nobody stops and asks the leaves not to fall from the trees. The cycle of evolution is full of destruction and reconstruction, death and rebirth.

H had to be destroyed. I have maintained this position since even before I made her and this has not changed. I’ve had people pleading with me not to do it. I’ve been offered money not to destroy my work but I am resolute and determined and this is something that I have had to do.

H was born out of the destruction and reconstruction of a photograph. It was a long and slow phase which took the best part of a month. This gestation period is now over and H is ready for the next phase in her birth. The transition is slow and meticulous. She will emerge fragile and beautiful like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. She will no longer be H. She will be something other.

I videoed this destruction process. If you want to see the results then hop over to my YouTube channel.




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