The Final Eureka

A lot of thought later and I think I’ve cracked a few display issues for Helen. I’ve been looking for a way for her to stand safely and unassisted. She stands pretty good at the moment but her tipping point is at a fairly small angle and I reckon all it takes is a bit of wobbly floor or somebody to touch her and she’ll fall. I know that it would be great to display Helen completely upright but I also know that this will give the least stability.

I’ve been looking for a way to secure her temporarily without gluing any structures to the bottom of the acrylic panes. I want whatever I use to be removable so that when Helen is transported there will not be any problem stresses in key areas. She should be able travel flat and any support system should be easily applied so that even rookie gallery assistants have no problem setting her up for display. I’ve been looking at a whole range of options from flip file foot supports to custom created acrylic stands. I’ve trawled the internet and local suppliers looking at everything and anything for ideas. I’ve been to builder’s merchants and office retailers as well as looking at all sorts of stores seeing how they display their wares.

My final eureka moment occurred yesterday in a bookstore. The way heavy books are displayed (and Helen is heavy) using a triangular support seems to be the way forward. The triangular book display stand is the strongest structure and yes I’ve done the centre of mass calculations on Helen to make sure the one I’ve ordered will do the job.

I just have to wait for delivery and see if my sums are correct.


‘Helen’ as she currently stands in my studio



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