Back to the Lab

I thought I was done. I thought all I had to do was wait for the display system to arrive. I thought it was all over.

But it isn’t.

I took Helen out to see some artist friends yesterday over at Swansea’s Creative Bubble. My wrapping and packing of Helen was no problem but it seems that the adhesives had not bonded as well as I thought they had. After I returned home I removed her from the packing crate and the slabs of acrylic simply came apart. The thickness of the paper between the slabs creates a weakness, a tension, between the slabs that a compressive adhesive just can’t handle.

Now I’m back to square one and playing with all sorts of options. The structural integrity of Helen is now the key issue rather than her creation or destruction. The acrylic housing needs to be sealed and solid to prevent dust and damage. I’ve considered giving up on this method of display but to opt for a traditional framing would lose a certain ‘wow’ factor. I must be patient and I must persevere with learning more about how adhesives work with different materials. Thank goodness I have my prototypes to play with.

Back to the lab…



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