My Superpowers

My Tuesdays are really busy at the moment working for a little organisation called Photential. Here we run photography courses with a difference designed to alter ways of looking and stretch participants mentally as well as technically.

I’ve always believed that every person’s local is another person’s exotic. This mentality, when turned on its head, can allow others to look at their own environment with fresh eyes if guided in the right way. We spend so long in our own routines and habits that we can often feel stuck in a rut. My aim with the courses I deliver is to help people create space in their own heads for the opportunity to see their own worlds differently.

And I do this with cameras.

After just 2 hours participants often tell me that they won’t be able to look at their own street in the same way again, that they are starting to see positive things in their own neighbourhood which they never noticed before, and that they appreciate the little things in life. They tell me they are more confident in approaching new people and situations and that they feel more able to put aside time for themselves. They also smile more.

This is my speciality. It’s not a speciality which will ever bring me fame or medals, and neither would I want it to. People don’t understand when I tell them that my secret superpower is ‘Confidence Builder’. It’s not a skill that can be easily defined or easily understood but it is a skill that I am able to share with others.

And so I will keep sharing…



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