Out to the Right

It’s not often I see preformed artworks in my mind’s eye. Helen was unique because I envisioned the entire project in one brain flash. I saw everything in that eureka moment. I knew exactly the process and the outcome in one moment. Although I’ve had this happen before I’ve never had it happen for such a large artwork and all in one go.

This leads me to now. I’m trying to follow on the heels of Helen and I’m not having that magic eureka moment. I have no idea what to think or what direction to go in. I’m having to think back to the way I’ve done other art pieces. I have to find a little seed of an idea and work on it.

I can see something out to the right in my brain. I have a half-formed visual. I don’t know where it leads or what will influence it. I cannot force it into my main vision. I simply have to explore it slowly. I have to gently test for dead ends and false leads whilst not frightening away that initial idea. I need to feed the muse and let it grow into something that needs to be made.

Unusually for me this has meant I’m drawing a few things out in a sketchbook and developing a few maquettes. My only feelings at the moment are that this will be large {40cm x 40cm or larger} and that it will be based on this image. I’m leaning towards a paper cut at the moment rather than a collage and the detail will be fierce {not sure?} and layered with some really sneaky symbolism {got that already} and I can see the music {no metaphor} and a flow of something organic in the top left.

Maybe I can’t see the detail because it is something I need to build and develop. I have nothing certain and this scares me a little. This could be an idea which goes nowhere; which fails.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison

I have to push this opportunity. Right now it is all I have.




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