Access All Areas

I don’t believe in being paranoid. It’s a useless waste of time and resources. My Facebook is open to the world, I’m all over Twitter, and Flickr, and YouTube. Yes I am careful about what I let out into the public domain but pretty much, warts and all, this is me.

I believe in access for everybody to my art and my ideas. I’ll also post different things to different places depending on how I’m feeling. You want to find out about my current work in progress then that’s currently playing over on Twitter. I might add new bits to this art tomorrow and show you words and pictures here at On Facebook you can currently see a new album of playful pictures from a little furry friend who thinks she owns me. On YouTube there are loads of little video musings and ideas playing out.

The important thing is that I am not saturating all of these outlets with the same stuff. That kind of thing drives me nuts. I see people who paste the same words on Twitter as they do on Facebook. These same people seem to insist on telling the world via Twitter about their trip to buy an ice cream, or do the washing up, and then I see the same banality over on Facebook. Sometimes I find someone who interests me and I want to find out more but can’t find it because the same information is just repeated over and over and over across multiple outlets.

No way. Choose variety. Open the door to your imagination. Disconnect the auto. Engage the manual.

Get a grip. Then let go…

***Rant over***



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