Brain Breadcrumbs

It’s not very often I put this much planning into an artwork. This one is quite the exception and the planning stage is laborious and intense. I’m wanting to get this stage done as quickly as possible so as to not lose sight of the original vision.

The markings are quite specific and need to be completed in a particular order but the initial layout is forming nicely. Once I start thinking about creating the collage I’ll be able to tighten up the formation of the spirals. At the moment it really is just marks and spirals and the rest of the artwork will be decided at a much later stage. This is a very unusual way of working for me. I’ve created maquettes before but only on artworks which are around 4″ x 4″ in size and not in as much detail as this new 16″ x 16″ collage.

I’m starting to lose focus today and am doubting myself as to whether I actually have something worth creating. I’m not sure of the intent of this piece either. I just know that my brain is telling me to follow the trail of breadcrumbs to see where it leads, and of course I’ll follow, even if it’s just to see what kind of a mess I can make.





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