… and Helen jumped …

Helen has been on display in my living room these last few weeks in preparation for boxing and shipping. It’s nice to have finished an artwork well in advance of any deadline and be able to enjoy seeing it in my own home. With Helen I’ve also been through all sorts of difficulties with the framing so to me it is only going to be ready for showing in a gallery when I am convinced that her structural integrity and method of display are sound.

She’s been resting on two book stands. I was a little unconvinced that they were strong enough to take the weight but for two weeks they’ve been pretty sound. Until last night that is, when they slipped just a millimetre and Helen jumped off the low display shelf onto the floor.

Thankfully the metal brackets on the corners did their job and no permanent damage was done. I know now though that I need to get a stronger book stand. It seems my work on Helen will never be complete.




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