Coded Messages

I’ve been stalking people in Port Talbot today. I’ve been sitting next to, and across from, random strangers making notes on their behaviour and how I feel in the space. The idea is to explore what I’m feeling or thinking in a space and look at how this new scene is playing out in front of me. Am I having an effect on the people in this space due to my proximity? As they see me writing notes in my sketchbook (in Morse Code) then am I altering their perceptions on how they feel within the space? Am I just freaking people out and about to get myself arrested?

I’ve written 8 little situation monologues in Morse. The idea is that these coded messages will form a wider body of work featuring several artists from South Wales and Devon and hopefully the finished article will exhibit in January in Goodwin Gallery Petroc, Devon, from January 12th.

Being in Port Talbot has also made me evaluate what I’m seeing in a new place. I’ve discovered all sorts of little locations on my travels and this little step outside my normal environment has broadened my creative thinking. Or, like I say, I’ve just been stalking people today.




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