Showing Tonight in Serbia

Tonight a new show opens at Centar za Kulturu I Umetnost, Aleksinac in Serbia and I have a little artwork selected. For the life of me I cannot remember what I’m exhibiting which is really unprofessional of me as far as I’m concerned.

I used to be completely on top of every situation for every exhibition that I was in but it really isn’t possible nowadays. I have a wonderful friend in Serbia who helps decide for me how best to represent my art in Eastern Europe and I wholeheartedly trust in her decisions. This means I can think about other exhibitions and situations elsewhere in the world. It also explains why my brain has lost track of what work is showing where.

Part of me feels inefficient and feels the need to keep maps, lists, and spreadsheets accounting for exactly where in the world everything is. The rest of me is just happy that people are kind enough in supporting me so that I can concentrate with making the new stuff.

My art is being seen and enjoyed by others and I feel loved and supported. I cannot ask for any more than this.




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