A Change in Approach

I’ve not been enjoying any of the art I’ve been attempting to make lately. I’ve totally lost my focus, conceptually everything is flaky, and my method of execution just isn’t doing it for me. I’ve tried every distraction and re-engagement technique I know to try to get my mojo back but it seems futile. It’s not often I abandon a piece of work in progress but that seems to be the only option. This piece is dead.

I’m left with some spare copies of the source photograph so I’ve started a change in approach. Having abandoned all ideas and concepts I originally had in mind I’m free to experiment with texture and layers. This freedom might lead somewhere, or it might not. I’m not sure I want to even work with this photograph any more but then I’m not sure of very much at the moment. With nothing to lose I might as well butcher up what is left and weave it into something new.



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