The Emperor’s New Clothes

After ranting about why I refuse to be an ‘Artist’ I think I need to redress the balance and state exactly why I am still creating art if I have such distain for the industry.

I have to create. I have a compulsive need to find ways to express myself in ways that words can never match. Psychologically I need the release that creating gives. I would simply go mad if I didn’t find an outlet for my frustrations. Often my art is created over a long period of time which gives me space to reflect on seemingly unrelated issues. I embed these emotions into my art. You might not know they are there but I know exactly which personal problem I was working through just by looking at a section of an artwork.

I also feel the need to share and support other artists who are working independently to get their voices heard. The high art establishment is the exclusive tip of a very non-exclusive iceberg. There are so many of us out here trying to communicate with the world that we get further through mutually supporting each other than we ever would by crawling over each other’s corpses to try and get to the top. This collaborative approach is made even easier through social media outlets and there’s a growing impetus for artists to be abandoning the fakery of the establishment and instead building our own arts infrastructure.

The more we ignore the Emperor, the more people will see him for the charlatan he is. His new clothes are nothing compared with those that we create ourselves.


‘Cochleae’ Work in progress 16″ x 16″



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