Sound and Vision

I’ve been non-stop creating today for about 7 hours now and I can’t see any sign of me slowing down. I’ve been making some real progress with Cochleae and I’m now wanting to finish this off before the end of the year.

This piece finally makes sense to me now. I always knew what the concept was but was always struggling in my execution of this piece. Now I think I’ve got it. With Cochleae I wanted to transmit this sound as visual signals so that the music is seen and felt rather than heard. My research lead me to look at the anatomical construction of the ear and how music is transformed from sound waves into electrical impulses to the brain. It makes sense then that the shapes in this collage are directly based on the cochlea and the ear drum.

I’m thinking on my feet here. I don’t have a specific statement about this yet, just this little ramble of thoughts. It will come in time, once I get closer to the finish.


“Cochleae” 16″ x 16″ paper collage [work in progress]


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