Coping Strategies

My recipe for coping with the anxiousness of the disruption of the festive season usually comes in the form of yarn. I don’t knit often these days mainly because there’s only so much knitwear you can have before the house is over-run with the stuff. I always make sure I have my needles handy at Christmas though.

Designing stuff on the fly is a great creative outlet when faced with hours away from my collage work. Knitting can be done in a stranger’s living room or in the back of a car. I’m not very good at small talk, particularly with people who don’t know me very well, but when I have my needles the knitting becomes the ice-breaker that can be talked about.

The best thing though is that at the end of 2014 I’ll have something created which will be totally unique and that I can wear through the cold winter months yet to come.



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