Dark Days

A pause for Christmas and now I’m trying to get a feel for my way back into a normal routine. There’s a temptation to allow the festive break to run into New Year’s celebrations but I know from previous years that that is likely to disrupt my discipline for work well into January and I can’t let that happen.

I’ll be delivering a whole new set of photography courses for Photential during the beginning of 2015 so I’m going to need to spend time planning activities and materials. I also have an exhibition planned for Devon in January (more about that tomorrow). Then there are plans I’m making for Fringe Arts Bath in May as well as a publication out soon called Dwell  which is a collaborative book with a whole heap of other global artists. I also need to find the time to visit the Workers Gallery in Ynyshir and change my existing exhibition there for some new work. Oh and then there’s the Twitter Art Exhibit taking place this year in Moss, Norway.

None of this makes, plans, promotes, or delivers by itself. The hard work is all mine so I need to dig deep during these dark days of winter if I want to have a chance of making all my ambitions and dreams come true.



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