Divided by the Melt Water

I’ve been working for some time now on a project connecting with artists from South Wales with those in Devon. Although only 30 miles separates us it is very rare for us to work together. We are divided by a stretch of water which means unless you have a boat or a plane it is very difficult to visit each other, and by car the journey is easily a 4 hour trip.

So here we are, divided by the melt water which formed at the end of the last ice age, disconnected through geography and yet connected through our art. The connectivity of our digital age has rendered the geographical problems immaterial and here we have found ourselves talking daily on Facebook and through other social media.

Artists have formed postal collaborations and created art together through telephone conversations. I shared walnuts harvested from the tree in the communal garden of my housing complex with Swansea artist Rose Davies who then turned them into sepia ink which she sent to Devon for people to use as they see fit. There have been adventures here in Wales using Bideford Black from Devon. I’ve been creating coded messages for another artist to turn into some sort of collaborative artform. The combinations and collaborations across the divide have been unlimited.

My own collage Helen will be making its way across for the Divided by the Melt Water exhibition which opens on January 9th at The Goodwin Gallery Petroc.





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