Seeing the Solutions

I had an idea for some seamless, reversible, knitted gauntlets so I have made them happen.  I’m developing my gauntlets further by adding some fold-over mitten tops. I’m writing the pattern as I go so that I can repeat what I’ve done exactly for the next gauntlet.

I can’t explain how my brain works other than that I can ‘see’ how to solve problems. If I understand a medium then I can conceive pretty much anything. If I close my eyes and think for just a minute then I can see solutions to logistics, marketing, a new recipe for cookies, a way to turn ordinary socks into Totes. I can see a situation unfolding and I can quickly work out all the possible outcomes and can sort out the best route to get to the best solution. In a sudden emergency that person who acts and thinks fast is usually me.

Sometimes I have to work at it, most of the time these things just happen. It’s both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes at 3am I wake up and know what I have to do but have no way of getting materials together or contacting the right people to put a plan into effect. Luckily, in this case, I have a stash of yarn under the bed and my work box on standby…



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