The Power of Merchandising

I’m stock checking today ready for a delivery to the Workers Gallery, Ynyshir, tomorrow. I’m a member artist at the gallery and I’m feeling that it’s about time that I switched my work around ready for the new year. It helps to keep the art different and interesting so that visitors to the gallery always see something new. The Workers Gallery is innovative in its approach to the gallery space and receives many repeat visitors as a result.

I’ll be taking along several original artworks which have already travelled the world and are ready for a home visit. Parc has already been exhibited in Serbia and Brazil and I’m really happy to be bringing my little Welsh sheep back to the valleys.

Whilst doing my stock check I’ve discovered all sorts of merchandise that I made a while back to promote my art. I’m making a list of these now and will be making sure I market these properly. Not a lot of people buy art; it’s just not at the top of their list of priorities but people still like to take away a memento of their visit. Small prints and greetings cards are never as good as selling (or owning) the original but with money tight after the festive period it’s a way for artists, galleries, and visitors to all be happy in 2015.



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