It’s been fun yeah?

I’m treading on very thin ice just sharing this photograph with you today. This artwork was specially created for a local client and will be part of something much larger to be released in the spring. In the meantime I’m wrapped in a snugglie blankie of secrecy and confidentiality.

The whole piece features…. {no I can’t tell you that}…

It’s going to be used for… {censor me now}…

It’s constructed completely differently to my usual methods of working using tape rather than glue. There’s bits of …. {no I can’t show you} …

I added the signature this evening using marker pen which I immediately lifted off whilst it was still wet to make it all look proper old school which is in keeping with the rest of the collage which makes sense because… {no no no} …

I’ve really loved working on this… {thing}… and I’m glad it’s going to… {new owner}… and… {just stop now woman}…

Look, it’s been fun yeah?




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