I never envisaged my Walk/Listen/Respond project to be a collaborative one and yet this is the way it seems to be evolving. Several people have been following the rules for the project and are now starting to share their results. The latest response is from Swansea based performer and theatre maker Stephen Donnelly. You can see his Walk/Listen/Respond results on his blog here.

Several twitter conversations later and between us we’re considering all sorts of expansions and negotiations on Walk/Listen/Respond. We could choose music for each other to respond to, or start at the same location with the same music, or any number of permutations and combinations where we are exchanging aural information in order to Walk/Listen/Respond.

This is an exciting development for me. I’m looking forward to getting my teeth sunk into all sorts of unfamiliar music. It will be interesting to see where our musical tastes lie and whether we can work in each other’s headspace in order to reach the aural/visual synchronicity that this project provides.

Project: Walk/Listen/Respond

Rules: [1] Set MP3 to random album, [2] Walk, [3] When what you hear can be represented by what you see then take a photograph, [4] document your findings [5] no edits, no crops, no photoshop or alterations of any kind.

Hentai Corporation ‘The Spectre Of Corporatism: Starship Shaped Schnitzels From Planet Breadcrumbs Are Attacking A Giant Tree Monster Who Has A Vagina And Holds Hitler Hostage’  Track: Waltz 9



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