“I wonder what it’s meant to be…”

I’m always questioning the rules. The egoist in me always declares that rules are malleable; designed to be worked in my favour. Surely my own rules, declared by me, are even more flexible?

Well yes sometimes maybe they are, but not today.

I tried changing Rule 2 in my Walk/Listen/Respond project to a different mode of transport. I thought that if I caught the bus then I would have a similar experience to walking. I thought that maybe the aural/visual synchronicity would click in the same way while the scenery is moving past me and maybe that the connection of my feet on the ground whilst walking wasn’t a key factor. How wrong was I?

The bus was hell. I couldn’t get into the rhythm of what I was hearing and I certainly couldn’t move with what I was feeling. Moments of synchronicity were fleeting and over too soon since I had no control over the speed of the bus. As soon as I could, I got off and back into my natural rhythm.

Instantly my feet automatically moved in time with what I’m hearing and my mind and body synchronised with the music. To be honest this doesn’t totally surprise me. There is a whole area of research dedicated to the theory of walking meditation and I certainly have always got a lot off my mind in the past through pounding the pavements. Maybe some of the other rules can be bent, broken, or discarded, but Rule 2 is one I definitely need to keep.

Project: Walk/Listen/Respond

Rules: [1] Set MP3 to random album, [2] Walk, [3] When what you hear can be represented by what you see then take a photograph, [4] document your findings [5] no edits, no crops, no photoshop or alterations of any kind.

In the Land of Grey and Pink Track: Disassociation/100% Proof



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