Mappa Monday

Another new week and I’m trying to start yet another new project. It’s not that I can’t settle on one thing, but instead I find that many things arrive at once that need attention. Life is short so if a project comes along that I know is worth it then I will make time to make it happen.

Today I’m creating a simple map as a design and research thing for a collaborative project which will take place later in the year. I’m no cartographer and I’m certainly no graphic designer so this is a real challenge. I’ve started with tracing paper and a physical map to start with before I get all techie and drop this into my PC for treatment. I think far better with a pencil in my hand with things like this so I know the old-fashioned approach is the best for me.

This seems like a diversion from my usual practice but it will all come back round again to collage eventually. I promise.



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