Unconscious Expression

Here’s the first art piece for my new Structured Chaos series. Landscape is a 6″ x 4″ artwork constructed of 16 layers of hand-cut paper. It’s not glued together or fixed in any kind of permanent way and instead is held at each corner with metal split pins. I’m not sure at the moment whether this needs framing or not. My instinct is to simply remove the pins and nail the whole thing to the wall for any exhibition…. Or cup hooks, I like the idea of cup hooks at the moment.

The top two layers are from the same photograph whilst all others are random pictures from my archive. All cuts are made at random with the photographs face down so that I cannot make any kind of informed choices as to how the artwork will look in terms of shape and structure based on the images.

The result is as close as I can get to unconscious freeform expression whilst still retaining a certain amount of my own artistic voice.





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