Harnessing the Inner Grrrrr

It’s been a difficult week. All sorts of terrible news on top of an almost impossible workload. I’m swimming fast against the current and being angry is the only way I can give myself the energy to keep going.

Outwardly my paid work requires me to me very patient, calm, and full of positive energy. This means any stress or impatience has to be instantly suppressed and cannot be allowed to rise to the surface.

It’s unhealthy to keep stress buried. This negative energy and emotion needs an outlet.  If I’m short of physical energy and I’ve run out of calories then a temporary fix is to harness my Inner Grrrrr; use the adrenaline of the inward anger to fuel the outward positivity. Thank goodness it’s nearly the weekend and I can finally let it all go…

Calm thoughts…. calm thoughts… just one more day…



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