“Hollywood is so temperamental, my dear”

This is the last instalment from Thursday’s Walk/Listen/Respond experiment with Stephen Donnelly. It has been interesting to read how he feels when walking, listening and responding to the given music. I am more interested in the final photograph, and that decisive moment of synchronicity between hearing and seeing, rather than the journey itself.

The final album we responded to was difficult, especially given the calm, ambient qualities of the previous one. I found it hard to settle into a rhythm and found myself out of step with myself for a good few tracks. Curiously I ended up in the same stairwell in the same multi-storey car park as Steve at one point, though 30 minutes after he left.

The aggressive and often interrupted nature of the music lead me to alleyways and less polished areas of the city. I found myself in back lanes and in doorways. I think the way we respond to music is very much mood based and I was in no mood for this after my reflections on the previous album.

Listening to successive albums of varied genres in such a short period of time was more exhausting than the walking itself. Taking on board new sounds and new rhythms whilst trying to focus on mood and experience almost resulted in aural overload by this stage. I was thankful when the synchronicity finally kicked in.

Project: Walk/Listen/Respond

Rules: [1] Set MP3 to random album, [2] Walk, [3] When what you hear can be represented by what you see then take a photograph, [4] document your findings [5] no edits, no crops, no photoshop or alterations of any kind.

Satchel ‘EDC’ Track: Hollywood



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