It’s only a model

I’ve had very little time recently to continue with my Structured Chaos series. Although this has been frustrating it has also been useful. Other projects allow me to develop myself in other ways and time away from the studio forces me to think more carefully about the artwork I want to make. Sometimes my best art is formed as a complete thing in my mind before I even set foot in my studio.

This is one of those occasions. Structured Chaos 2 is only a model of sorts. It is 6″ x 4″ in size and if formed of 15 layers of hand cut paper. It’s not a collage since nothing is glued in place. It is held instead at the corners with paper fasteners. This means that the layers can be altered according to how I feel they best sit and at any time in the future I can change their order. I’ve used copies of the same photograph this time instead of random photographs like I did for Landscape (the first attempt in this series).

I’ve been cutting on the reverse side of the photographs so that any compositional elements in the photograph do not sway me in my choices and to give a totally random structure to the front side. I know that there’s a big philosophical write-up coming at some point in the future (probably involving chaos theory) but for now this little demo stands as it is.

Next for this project will be something much larger. I’m estimating that the first full-sized piece in this series will take me a few months to complete rather than a few days…




3 thoughts on “It’s only a model

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