Zombie Eaters

I only had my MP3 on to try to shift a catchy tune by Goldbringer out of my brain and suddenly I’m by the river taking photographs instead of buying groceries at my corner shop. It seems I started playing Walk/Listen/Respond without even realising it.

I’ve been doing Walk/Listen/Respond now since last August so I guess the habit is well and truly being formed. It’s actually a very relaxing and therapeutic habit to have and I don’t mind that it happened unconsciously. I feel far more in tune with my surroundings when my hearing and seeing synchronise and having that eureka moment is a boost to my day.

Having music gnawing away at my brain during the day isn’t a bad thing. If I can just keep Faith No More in there for a while longer before anything else creeps back in then this will be a good day.

Project: Walk/Listen/Respond

Rules: [1] Set MP3 to random album, [2] Walk, [3] When what you hear can be represented by what you see then take a photograph, [4] document your findings [5] no edits, no crops, no photoshop or alterations of any kind.

Faith No More ‘The Real Thing’ Track: Zombie Eaters



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