Opening Doors

Am I famous? I don’t know, but I certainly feel more successful than I did when I started out after graduating in 2010. Back then I made all sort of assumptions and decisions – some right, some wrong – which lead me to where I am today.

Every decision has led to the fortunate position that I find myself in today. Now opportunity knocks on my door without me having to chase it. My art is seen all over the world and my agent regularly sends in the royalties. But what next? Do I need to rethink my strategies for success, and what should that success be?

Fundamental to who I am is the philosophy that a certain amount of my time and my money should go to give other people the opportunity to better themselves. Some gestures are charitable but others I see as more of an investment. If I can give to others the space and confidence in which to develop themselves then I am certain that everyone will reap the rewards. It’s a karma thing rather than a naivety. Being kind does not have to cost anything, but sometimes the belief in the success of others needs to be backed up not just with words and time; but with money too.

My beliefs when it comes material possessions often confuse other people. If I have something I no longer need, or see no immediate use for, I will give it away rather than make a profit. I have no desires in hoarding things and I will give the shirt off my back to anyone I feel is deserving of my generosity. Some things can be better appreciated in the hands of other people.

I have a similar attitude when it comes to money. I am cautious rather than frivolous but if I can see talent and opportunity in others and I know there is a project which needs support I will give willingly and selflessly. I expect nothing in return other than the knowledge that I have helped others in creating their own opportunity. My pragmatism has made things possible and that in itself makes me happy; more than any financial return.

Am I famous? No and I probably never will be. I am not greedy, or needy, enough to trample over others to get that supposed success. Can I help other people get the fame and success that they deserve? Yes. Absolutely. Without any hesitation or doubt in my mind.

This leads me to now. I find myself typing two emails: one to reopen a door I foolishly closed a few years ago, and another to ensure another door stays permanently open. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing on a Friday night.


‘Strip’ 4″ x 4″ woven paper collage from a few years ago now.




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