The Anti-response

I’m having trouble with my Walk/Listen/Respond project. I seem to be progressing so well with it that I can no longer walk and listen to music without looking for a visual response. To try and break the cycle, today I tried to walk and listen to music without taking any photograph. This was actually really difficult to do. I couldn’t just relax and listen to the music without my eye automatically locking on to my surroundings.

Just when I thought I’d managed to simply relax and walk to music (you know, like normal people might do) I found the synchronicity reappearing again. I automatically would be reaching for my camera in response to the situation. Eventually I decided to give in and take a photograph which I felt did not fit at all with the music I was hearing. This is an anti-response if you like.

And no, I am not going to even say what the music was. Today was just about me and my MP3 player going for a walk. Nothing more.



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