No Blood Spilled

I pulled an all nighter yesterday so that I could get this 12″ x 12″ panel completed for my Structured Chaos series. I’m in no rush to complete this piece but it has been frustrating me that I haven’t found the time to get any significant progress underway. I have 15 panels to complete in order to make the final artwork and each cut needs to be precise and there is no room for error.

When I’m tired I actually concentrate more. It’s a delicate balance between sleep and adrenaline whilst wielding a scalpel. I know the dangers of slipping with such a sharp blade so every time I make a cut my mind is acutely focused.

Curves are harder to make than blunt shapes so as the night wore on this influenced the decisions. You can see the results quite clearly. The bottom half of the panel was the last to be cut. These shapes seem to have little in common with the earlier cuts towards the top of the panel. I deliberately cut some freehand circles towards the bottom right hand corner just to test my steadiness as I reached the end.

I don’t remember what time I finished. All I know is that I have woken up to a complete panel and all my fingers intact. No blood is ever spilled in the making of my art.


12″ x 12″ paper cut panel



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