I’ve been asked if I want to participate in an unusual style of exhibition. It’s called Workers in Progress and it is a sharing opportunity designed to display work in progress and experimental work.

Normally my experimental work is shared here on my blog rather than in a gallery so this is a unique opportunity to physically show others how my work is made. I’m planning on sharing the design processes of my current Structured Chaos series. It will mean that I am going to have to think about the way this work in progress is presented. The show runs from 15th March to 5th April so I am going to have to make sure that any maquettes and test images I share will not be needed as I continue with this body of work.

I’m currently thinking of mounting a series of photographs as well as a few test pieces on A1 card. I’ll annotate these on ripped out sketchbook pages. Thinking further, maybe it makes sense to start this collating and mounting process now so that it can grow organically over the next few weeks as this artwork develops.

Workers in Progress will open on Sunday 15th March at The Workers Gallery, Ynyshir, Rhondda.



3 thoughts on “Assemblage

  1. So far I’m assembling photographs of my work in progress to maybe assemble as a collage in itself alongside notes, conversations, and maquettes. It’s a strange thing to put together but I think it will work really well.

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