A Visit to the Vetch

I’m part way through a collaborative project creating an artist’s walk in Swansea with fellow artist Rose Davies. It’s gruelling trying to assemble everything that is required to make the map a successful one. Knowing the area so well means it is easy to overlook directions for somebody who isn’t local.

The idea is to give somebody an alternative tour around Swansea which is completely different to anything you’ll find in a tourism brochure. It is these rough and ready areas that give us artists our inspiration and as such the map is being designed to reflect this. We’re including The Vetch Field on our tour and are giving a mention to HMP Swansea but we’ve decided against the brothel.

With Swansea being so rich in history and culture it’s difficult to know what to include and what to leave out.  We’re including the beach and all sorts of Dylan Thomas related things so that there is hopefully something for everyone. We’re also considering carefully all the aspects of the arts in Swansea so that any true culture vultures can have their fix.

Oh and of course the whole thing will be littered with pictures of our artwork. The final version will be exhibited at the On the Map exhibition at Sunbury Embroidery Gallery in London this April.



4 thoughts on “A Visit to the Vetch

  1. It would be great if you could include the Dylan Thomas Theatre (in Marina) as it has an local artist’s mural on the outside, a Dylan photo exhibition inside and is run entirely by volunteers. Dylan’s statue is just outside and some very knowledgeable volunteers are there during the day. Good luck!

    • Thanks Deborah. We’re planning at the moment to keep it to places that inspire us personally in Swansea. There may be a map after this which will take in the wider city. Luckily for you Dylan Thomas Square and everything in this little neighbourhood is very much on our agenda! We’ll be releasing more about this project as we get nearer to publication 🙂

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