Structured Chaos

Well here you have it. This is the first finished full-sized artwork in my Structured Chaos series. This is based on an original photograph of mine and consists of 14 layers of 12″ x 12″ paper. Nothing is glued so strictly it is more of an assemblage rather than a collage.

The only conscious decision I have made in creating this piece has been the choice of photograph. Everything else has happened completely by chance. I have cut all the paper on the reverse of the photograph so that I have not been influenced at all by the compositional elements in the picture. Some areas are very densely layered whilst a few areas are only a few pieces of paper thick.

There is a huge influence here from the world of theoretical physics. Often photographers consider the structure of the photograph to be more particulate in structure due to the ordering of pixels. I’ve instead created a single digital photograph which appears to be more string like in nature than composed of individual particles. Similarly, the happenstance as to whether there are many, single, or zero occurrences of paper layers have been likened, by some observers of this developing series, to theories on particle physics.  I think I need to read again the theory behind behaviours of particles at a sub-atomic level before I develop this into a more concrete statement on this body of work.

Structured Chaos is the only artwork in this series which will feature a photograph taken of me and by me; it is my signature piece if you like. This is why I have given this piece the same title as the series itself. All other photographs will be taken and chosen in collaboration with somebody else in order to further randomized the outcome. I’ll reveal more on that soon.


‘Structured Chaos’ 12″ x 12″ layered paper



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