The Talented Mr Honebone

My Structured Chaos series is no longer mine. I’m working this whole project now in collaboration with the talented Ben Honebone. He is a multidisciplinary artist of many pseudonyms specializing primarily in music. He has also lent his talents to video direction, graphics, and publishing. He photographs everything, and has thousands of images in his library. He refuses to see the supposed boundaries between creative disciplines and just gets on with whatever he needs in order to express himself.

In short, Ben is a renegade much like me.

I’ve worked with Ben before on many different projects, mostly music based. There are several creations out there already that have both our names attached to them. I’ve photographed gigs for his band* Goldbringer and I think there’s even a press release mentioning us both floating around this blog somewhere. Ah yes…. Here…. Oh and then there’s this…. oh and there’s this too… etc. You get the idea. It’s hard to even write this blog entry because there are so many overlaps and layers to our creative relationship. I could easily get completely distracted and write a huge publicity article for his music.

As soon as I discovered his photographs I knew I didn’t need to keep taking photographs for myself and that I could tap into his creativity for my own artistic ends. There are so many of his images that have a certain affinity with my own style of working. All it would have taken is for us to be in the same place at the same time with a camera each and I am sure we would have ended up with pretty much the same photograph. I am leaving all the choices for further Structured Chaos images to him and I have 100% trust in his instinct for what will work in this series. Him creating and choosing the photographs for each structured assemblage also suits the concept of there being no conscious decisions on my part. [I discussed my ideas on Chaos just the other day. Have a look here for more on that.] It’s actually very liberating to know that some sort of mutually instinctive symbiosis will be steering this project.

We’ve already started work on more in this series. I’ve just started cutting another one of his wonderful photographs and we’re also well underway at planning the next few in this series. We showed the work in progress for this exciting collaborative series at the Workers in Progress exhibition at The Workers Gallery in Ynyshir, Wales 15 March- 5 April 2015.

For more on Ben’s music career visit

On the set of the video shoot for Top Dollar. A photo by me of him… or is it by me of him by him…. or him by us….? Either way, it works for us.

*One of his many bands. I’m not entirely sure any more how many he’s got on the go at the moment. I swear he collects them. Anyways, he’s been in the music business for 20 years and he formed Goldbringer in 2007. The current line-up is that of a three-piece partnership with Wayne and Jodie Absalom. Wayne is a prog inspired percussionist whilst keyboardist Jodie is from a more classical background. A new full-length album Telling the Truth is planned for release any day now. Some of the artwork on that album is by me…. him…. us in varying degrees.


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