Ugly, Lovely, Swansea

For the last two weeks I’ve had to abandon all hope of making any new Structured Chaos work on a Tuesday. It’s driving me nuts because all I want to do today is get cutting Ben Honebone‘s wonderful photographs and make some progress on our new body of work.

Instead I’ve been working on a collaborative project with Rose Davies for our entry into the On the Map exhibition. It has been a long slog in Photoshop to assemble countless pieces of information and images. The idea is that we are giving a personalized view on our ugly, lovely, Swansea. An arts trail of our town is long overdue and we’ve chosen our own quirky route through the city centre; pointing out the little idiosyncrasies that interest us and illustrating the walk with our artwork. Swansea is full of art, culture and history and in this little map we’re only just touching on the things that fascinate us.

This is just the front cover of our map. It will be published by SampsonLow and available on general release later in the year. The exhibition featuring our map will be at the Sunbury Embroidery Gallery in Twickenham, London from April 14th. If you can’t wait that long to visit our amazing town then we’ve created an interactive version on Google Maps which you can find here.





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