The Connectivity of Everything

Tonight I’m off to Bridgend here in South Wales to see Goldbringer play at Hobos Music Venue. I was planning to write a lovely piece for this and share some band photographs as some sort of blatant promotional opportunity. But then this happened…


So…. erm…. yeah…. it would seem that today I’m exhibiting at The Tower of London! This is part of the Dwell exhibition organised by CollectConnect and which is ongoing throughout February. My little paper net I designed for the Dwell book has been transformed into Caer Hecsagon; a mighty Welsh castle designed to conquer all. The write up they’ve given my art is wonderful and doesn’t just mention my work that I produced for Dwell. They’ve also tied in all sorts of ideas that I write about here on my blog.

I’ve said before about my ideas on how everything is connected. Everyone I work with in the Creative Arts world supports each other without question. We are fully aware that the boundaries between disciplines are blurred and that if we promote and nurture each others talents then we will all be winners. In my world there is no space for egos or selfishness. We assist each other, not because we feel we ought to, but because we want to. I am happy to continue to work in creating for CollectConnect projects because they too believe in this connectivity of everything and in the power we get from working together.

I’m really pleased then that mentioned in today’s article for Dwell is our Structured Chaos series:

“The image is alive with strings which seem to seethe in mind boggling complexity. At the same time we can resolve this highly energetic and dynamic image to see a serene landscape which suggests solitude and peacefulness. If we try seeing both at the same time perhaps we get a glimpse of the paradoxical nature of the quantum universe.”

I mean, wow! That’s it in a nutshell. That is Structured Chaos as particle physics but it is also a great summary on my ideas on the connectivity of everything. That is the multi-layered approach to supporting each other in the Creative Arts. We work in harmony despite all having different motives, agendas, and routes to success. We complete the picture together rather than struggling alone.

But then, there is an extra connectivity twist to this whole day which brings me right back to where I started. You see, I’m creating Structured Chaos in collaboration with artist Ben Honebone

… who also happens to be the frontman for Goldbringer

… who are playing tonight at Hobos Music Venue in Bridgend!

Here’s the obvious promotional plug you were missing:






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