An Open Invite to a Closing Event

Art Voyage, in collaboration with Mrs Esperanza Tielbaard, is currently hosting a curated International Art Exhibition in Manhattan, NY. The Crossing Borders exhibition opened at the JMC Gallery on 9th Ave at the start of February and the organisers would like to invite you to the closing event which will take place on February 27th.

The exhibition features 13 emerging and established global artists from Colombia, USA, Israel, Ukraine, Canada, Chile, and UK. On show is a selection of their best art in a variety of media. Already the exhibition has received widespread critical acclaim and has featured in television articles by Colombia’s Canal 2.

Crossing Borders is collaborative project which has been made possible thanks to global networking and social media. With the technological age well and truly upon us it is no longer necessary for artists to meet in person to form long-lasting alliances and to show their work. Here the artists have formed contemporary, and often collaborative, dialogues across borders which are not just geographic. Members of the Crossing Borders exhibition speak to each other almost daily to share their ideas and to support each other in their professional development. This symbiosis is as exciting as it is innovative and shows that there are no longer any political, geographical, or linguistic barriers when it comes to the world of art.

The selected artists seek different ways of self-expression and inspiration, yet as an exhibition they form a cohesive dialogue. Several artists have already shown work together in the past on the global stage so are aware of each other’s styles and rhythms.

Included in the exhibition is Colombian artist Daniel Tejada who uses the pen to build increasingly elaborate faces, abstracts, and landscapes which are synthesized to almost nothing. His exquisite drawings are alongside the work of Esperanza Tielbaard, a multi-disciplinary Colombian fine artist now living in Baldwinsville, NY. Both Colombians have shown their work recently alongside the delicate collages of … well… let’s face it, it’s me… who dissects, and reconstructs, my  own photographs to question the veracity and accuracy of a memory of original experiences. Meanwhile Ukrainians Viktoriya Zagladko and Denis Rize have featured intricate digital and mixed media artwork from their very own Pixelink Studios based here in New York City.

Also included are mixed-media works from Christine Allan (Canada) and Miss Garnica (Chile); digital photography from Eithen Eretz (Israel) and Owen Martin (UK); abstract acrylics from Barbara Leahy-Edwards (USA); and featured sculptures and artworks from Americans Michelle Fiore, Paulo Guimares, and Derek Lusche.

We would very much like you to join us for this closing event at JMC Gallery, 674 9th Ave, Manhattan which will take place from 5pm on Friday February 27th. If you cannot make it please do visit the show in the meantime and share your thoughts with us on the innovative and exquisite art that is featured in Crossing Borders. I would particularly like to know any thoughts you have about my own artwork.

To find out more about this event please click here.



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